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교회에 힘이되는 사역자를 양성하는 대학


A university that trains ministers who give


strength to the church




Description of Educational Program


For each educational program that the Institution offers or proposes to

offer includes a statement that includes:

-      The title and description of the educational program.       

The title of the educational program: Bachelor of Theology


The Description of the program:


The Bachelor of Theology Degree is a three-to-five year undergraduate

degree in theological



 1.Biblical  Languages  Courses(6 Units)

LH 344      Hebrew(3units)

LG 345      Greek(3 units)

2.Biblical Courses(57 Units)

NT 301      New Testament  Survey(3 units)

NT302       Introduction to the 3 Gospels(3 units)

NT303       Gospel John(3 units)

NT304       Acts(3 units)

NT305       Romans(3 units)

NT306       1,2 Corinthians(3 units)

NT307       Galatians/Ephesians(3 units)

NT308       Philippians/Colossians(3 units)

NT309       1,2 Thessalonians/1,2 Timothy(3 units)

NT310       Hebrews(3 units)

NT311       James(3 units)

NT312       1,2 Peter(3 units)

NT313       1,2,3 John(3 units)

NT314       Revelation(3 units)

OT301       Old Testament Survey(3 uints)

OT302       Genesis(3 units)

OT303       Pentateuch(3 units)

OT304       Psalm(3 units)

OT305       Prophets(3 units)

3. Theology(27 Units)

TH334      Systematic Theology I: Prolegomena, Bibliology & Theology proper(3units)

TH335      Systematic Theology II: Anthropology & Christology(3uts)

TH336      Systematic Theology III: Pneumatology & Soteriology(3units)

TH337      Systernatic Theology IV: Ecclesiology & Eschatologylesi(3units)

TH338      Westminster Confession of Faith(3 units)

TH339      Reformed Life Theology I(3 units)

TH340      Reformed Life Theology II(3 units)

TH341      Spiritual Theology (3 units)

TH342      Puritanism (3 units)

4. Church History Courses(15 Units)

CH101     Early Church History (3 units)

CH102     Medieval Church and Reformations History (3 units)

CH301/MI303 World Mission History(3 units)

CH302     American Church History (3 units)

CH401     Presbyterian History (3 unit)

5. Counseling/Education Courses(21 Units Minimum)

CE333     Christian Education(3 units)

PC331     Introduction to Christian Counseling(3 units)

PC332     Biblical Models for Marriage/ Family(3 units)

PC334     Inner Healing 1 (3 units)

PC335     Inner Healing 2 (3 units)

CE201     Introduction to Christian Education (3 units)

CE401     Curriculum Design for Christian Education (3 units

6. Ministry  Courses(63 Units)

BI300      Biology(3 units)

PT101     Cell Church & Small Groups (3 units)

PT102     Youth Ministry (3 units)

PT201     Christian Leadership (3 units)

PT202     Evangelism & Discipleship (3 units)

PT203     Prayer (3 units)

PT301     Worship & Praise(3 units)

PT302     Introduction to Social Ministry (3 units)

PT401     Homiletics (3 unit)

PT402     Worship Renewal (3 units)

PT403    Hymnology (3 units)

PT404    Church Healing Ministry (3 units)

PT405    Church Administration (3 units)

PT406    Church Planting (3 units)

PT407    Contemporary Church Music (3 units)

PT411    Pastoral Practicum (3 units)

PT421/MI401 Mission Trip (3 units)

MI201    Theology of Mission (3 units)

MI301/GE302 Cultural Anthropology for Christian Mission(3 units)

MI303/GE301 World Mission History (3 units)

MI401/PT421 Mission Trip I (3 units)


Total Degree Units 120 Units.

The full title and description of any diploma, certificate, degree or other

similar title awarded to students who complete the program.


The Bachelor of Theology Degree(Full title)

(Awarded to students who complete the program.)




Description of Educational Program


For each educational program that the Institution offers or proposes to offer includes

a statement that includes:

-      The title and description of the educational program.

The title of the educational program: Master of Divinity



Master of Divinity is designed to help men and women prepare for professional

Christian ministry in local church and parachurch organizations.

1.Required Biblical Languages Courses(12 Units)

Hebrew 1(3 units)   LG501

Hebrew 2(3 units   LG502

Greek 1(3 units)   LG511

Greek 2(3 units)   LG512

Testament (12 Units)  2 .Old

OT503 Old Testament Survey (3 units)

OT504 Pentateuch (3 units)

OT601 Historical Books (3 units)

OT602 Prophetic Books (3 units)

OT603 Psalms (3 units)

OT604 Wisdom Literature (3 units)

OT611/NT611 Biblical Hermeneutics (3 units)

OT612 Old Testament Exegesis (3 units)

OT701 Old Testament Theology (3 units)

OT702 Christ in the Old Testament (3 units)

OT703 Reformed Life Theological Introduction(3 units)

3.New Testament (18 Units Minimum)

NT501/LA551 Biblical Greek (3 units)

NT502/LA552 Greek Bible Reading Seminar (3 units)

NT503 New Testament Survey (3 units)

NT504 Synoptic Gospels (3 unit)

NT505 Acts (3 units)

NT506 Johannine Literature and Theology (3 units)

NT603 Pauline Epistles and Theology (3units)

NT611/OT611 Biblical Hermeneutics (3 units)

NT612 New Testament Exegesis (3 units)

NT702 General Epistles (3 units)

NT703 Parables of Jesus (3 units)

NT704 Healings of Jesus (3 units)

NT705 Reformed Life Theological Introduction(2)

4.Systematic Theology (15 Units Minimum)

ST501 Systematic Theology I:Prolegomena,Bibliology & Theology Proper (3 units)

ST502 Systematic Theology II;: Anthropology & Christology (3 units)

ST601 Systematic Theology III: Pneumatology & Soteriology (3 units)

ST602 Systematic Theology IV: Eschatology (3 unita)

ST603 Reformed Life Theology I (3 units)

ST701 Christian Ethics (3 units)

ST702 Reformed Life Theology II (3 units)

ST703 Puritanism (3 unuts)

ST704 Christian Philosophy (3 Units)

ST705 Post-Modern Theology (3 units)

ST706 Pentecostalism & Charismatics (3 units)

ST707 Spiritual Theology(3 units)

5.Church History (9 Units Minimum)

CH501 Early Church History (3 units)

CH502 Medieval Church and Reformations History (3units)

CH601 Modern Church History (3 unit)

CH602 Korean Church History (3 units)

CH701/MI703 World Mission History (3 units)

CH702 American Church History (3 units)

CH703 Greek Patrology Survey (3units)

6.Practical Theology (21 Units Minimum)

(1)Pastoral Ministory

PT501 Evangelism & Discipleship

PT502 Cell Church & Small Groups (3 units)

PT503 Worship & Praise (3 units)

PT504 Youth Ministry (3 units)

PT601 Biblical Leadership (3 units)

PT602 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Discovery & Development (3 units)

PT603 Homiletics (3 units)

PT604 Prayer (3 units)

PT701Church Administration (3 units)

PT702 Fundamentals of Church Music (3 units)

PT703 Christian Social Ministry (3 units)

PT704 Christian Healing Ministry (3 units)

PT705 Worship Renewal (3 units)

PT706 Church Planting (3 units)

PT707 Christian Aesthetics (3 units)


MI701 Theology of Mission (3 units)

MI702 Cultural Anthropology for Christian Mission (3 units)

MI703/CH701 World Mission History (3 units)

Religions (3 units)  MI704 Comparative

MI711/PT721 Mission Trip (2units)

(3)Christian Education

CE501 Fundamentals of Christian

(4)Biblical Counseling

BC605 Pastoral Counseling (3 units)


PT711 Pastoral Practicum (2 units)

PT721/MI711 Mission Trip (2 units)

PT731 Preaching Practicum (1 Units)



Total Degree Units: 90 Units.


-      The full title and description of any diploma, certificate, degree or other

similar title awarded to students who complete the program.


The Master of Divinity Degree(Full title)

(Awarded to students who complete the program.)